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Welcome to The Enhance Protocol

Welcome to the Enhance Protocol Membership area

First, please watch the Orientation Video above. Then using the calendar available in the ‘Schedule an Appointment’ module, please schedule an appointment with a Memory Coach asap!

Just follow the easy step-by-step logic of the Table of Contents on the left side of this page. Start at the top and work your way down. Try not to skip around as that could possibly cause confusion and delay your progress.

And remember this – The Memory Coaches at a Mind for All Seasons are always standing by to help.

Your initial signup to The Enhance Protocol enables you to complete an extensive panel of lab work, therefore we have arranged rock-bottom members only pricing with a national provider of lab work (at cost, no markups). We strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity IF you haven’t already.

NOTE: Because the scope of future lab work orders (made after the initial labs are done), will be contingent on ‘deficiencies’ found in your previous lab work, pricing may vary (up or down) based on your unique situation. Therefore, it is vital that you consult with your Memory Coach before proceeding with any future lab work orders or if you have any questions about ordering additional labs.

Schedule an Appointment

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Please schedule your first appointment with a Memory Coach as soon as possible! (Just click on the blue button below to open our scheduling calendar.)

For best results, please fill-out the Participant Health & History Questionnaire after you schedule your appointment and before you have your first meeting with your Coach. (Just click on the green button below to open your questionnaire.)

IMPORTANT: All subsequent appointments must be made in the ‘Schedule All Follow Up Appts Here’ tab. Also, please never schedule more than one appointment at a time. Thank you for your cooperation!

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NOTE: Please do not attempt to schedule more than one appointment at a time. Thank you for your cooperation!

Navigating the Membership Area

Please watch the Orientation Video above and then proceed through the membership area. When appropriate you will be offered helpful resources to download. The Memory Coaches at a Mind for All Seasons are standing by to help.

 Just follow the easy step-by-step logic of the Table of Contents on the left side* of this page. Start at the top and work your way down. Try not to skip around as that could possibly cause confusion and delay your progress.

*Positioning of the Table of Contents may vary on different devices.

The Process

The 'Process' - A Walkthrough

Process Guide

1. Enrollment – Continued use of this membership area and the services provided by The Enhance Protocol is governed by the Terms you agreed to when purchasing.

2. An extensive review of your lifestyle and health history.

Your Assignment:

Click the Big Green Button below and fill out the – Self-Reported Health History Questionnaire as a ‘Participant’ or a ‘Care Partner’ (if helping a loved one living with dementia). In one of your early coaching sessions, your Memory Coach will schedule a phone interview to review the questionnaire, gather additional information, build trust,  and complete cognitive testing.

3. Baseline cognitive and functional needs testing. Your Memory Coach will help you complete cognitive testing during your first coaching session. This evaluation will serve as a baseline from which to measure your progress. 

4. . If you have paid for lab work, your Memory Coach will email instructions with the requisition number you will take to the nearest LabCorp location. The lab results will come directly to your Memory Coach. We will use the labs to create your personalized Enhance Road Map.

5. We review lab reports and develop a strategic plan based on your individual needs. Our program is  customized and personalized to you. Your lab results will likely help us identify  one or more influencers that may include: genetic markers and predispositions, hormone imbalances, markers of toxicities, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, glycotoxic factors, insulin resistance and other atrophic or synapse-reducing pathways.  

6. Schedule a coaching call to review the treatment summary and help translate it into a simple daily checklist to  get you started.

7. Your Memory Coach will provide consistent coaching regarding your diet. In addition, the following tools (all available in subsequent modules) may be helpful:
• The Enhance Protocol Eating Plan
• Diet Tracking Tool
• Recipe Library

8. For clients living with dementia, we will provide training to your care partners that empowers them in the area of  communication, stress management and environmental modifications that provide a better experience.

• The VITAL 5 Pillars of Effective Dementia Care

9. After you have received 3 months of coaching, your Memory Coach will complete a re-evaluation of your cognitive skills to note any changes relative to your baseline. Your Memory Coach will also help you arrange to re-check lab values that were suboptimal so we can prepare an updated Enhance Road Map to serve as your plan for the next quarter.  

Your Memory Coach will discuss ‘next steps’ and secure commitment for ongoing participation.

Click on Links Below to Download Your Documents

The Role of a Memory Coach

The Role of a Memory Coach

“A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.”  — Billy Graham

Your Memory Coach will work closely with you to explain factors in your lab work that are likely impacting your memory. She will also help you understand details about your daily routine that can impact your brain health and will teach you about diet, sleep, exercise, brain training, and a host of other details that will help you achieve the best brain health possible.

Finally, your Memory Coach will hold you accountable to reach the goals you set and will support you in ways that will surprise and delight you. Your Memory Coach will be your personal assistant as you participate in The Enhance Protocol. 


Completing Your Labwork

Completing Your Lab Work

If you opted to complete the lab work with our national partner, LabCorp, your Memory Coach will order your lab tests online, email you a requisition to complete the testing, and help you identify the LabCorp nearest you. Although LabCorp allows walk-ins, you are strongly encouraged to call and make an appointment. Please plan to complete your labs in a fasting state, preferably first thing in the morning.

Correction: Since the recording of this video, the checkout process for the The Enhance Protocol has been modified to make the lab work an optional add-on purchase. The reason for this is that some clients had previously completed lab work through the ReCODE Protocol and Report, therefore no additional labs were needed for them.

What Happens Before Labs Are Done?

What Happens Before Labs Are Done?

Plenty! With the help of your Memory Coach you will start dialing in your new brain-healthy lifestyle.

What Is The Roadmap Report?

What Is The Roadmap Report?

The Roadmap Report is a layman’s version of all the reports and analysis we have had done for you. We then sum it all up and translate it into a simple actionable daily checklist of what you should be doing to optimize your progress.


Diet & Diet Tools Overview

Diet and Diet Tools Overview

There is a very specific style of eating that supports brain health. Modifying your diet can be a struggle since we all eat tend to eat familiar foods that taste good to us. However, we have learned that when our members understand how their diet impacts their brain health, they are usually willing to try new foods and prepare their meals in new ways. Your Memory Coach will spend a considerable amount of time with you over the next few months learning about your preferences and teaching you how to eat in brain healthy ways.

The Enhance Protocol Eating Plan

Brain Healthy Eating

Your Memory Coach is going to spend significant time talking about brain healthy eating. But we don’t want to lose any time, so you can print off a copy of some simple guidelines that will help you prepare for this aspect of your coaching. As you read through the recommendations, write down your questions and thoughts so you can remember to share them with your Memory Coach.

The Enhance Protocol Diet Tracking Tool

Use the Diet Tracking Tool to Keep Track of Your Progress

Your memory coach will teach you how to use the Diet Tracking Tool.

Download the Enhance Protocol Diet Tracking Tool

Recipes & Shopping Lists

Here are some shopping list ideas that will make it easier to eat in a brain healthy way. Enjoy!

You can either download and/or print these pdf files one at a time as needed, or grab them all. If you grab them all at once, you can print them out and start your own Enhance Protocol cookbook in a 3-ring binder!

Lunch / Dinner
Snacks & Smoothies
Shopping Lists


Can Anything In The Enhance Protocol Hurt Me?

Can Anything In The Enhance Protocol™ Hurt Me?

“I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous.” –Hippocrates, Physician (born c. 460 bce, died c. 375 bce)

We couldn’t have stated our approach to patient safety any better.

Can You Be My Doctor?

Can you be my doctor?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we hear.

Unfortunately that is not possible and it is essential that you have a local Primary Care Provider. However we are willing and able to work with your primary care provider to offer a synergistic approach to enhancing your cognitive health.

If you don’t have a local primary care provider currently, reach out to us. We may be able to help connect you with one that is sympatico with The Enhance Protocol™.

Is A Gluten Free Diet Recommended?

Is A Gluten Free Diet Recommended?

Coach Christine addresses the ‘big picture’ re: gluten free diets.

In a nutshell, it’s not so much the presence of gluten (except for those those with conditions like celiac disease or gluten sensitivity), but rather the high sugar/high glycemic index foods that gluten is often associated with.

Is My Loved One Too Far Along To Benefit?

Is my loved one’s dementia too advanced to achieve any benefit with The Enhance Protocol?

A great question! Not surprisingly, ‘the earlier the intervention the more likely the improvement,’ but certain improvements can be noted even when the cognitive decline is quite advanced. Many family members note their loved ones are more amiable and less irritated or grumpy. Some participants with advanced dementia show more independence with eating, toileting, showering, and other activities of daily living. Sometimes we even see cognitive test scores improve significantly, but that is not consistently true for participants in more advanced stages of dementia. This is not an easy judgement call to make and your Memory Coach will be a great resource in helping you consider the pros and cons for helping a loved one with more advanced dementia participate in The Enhance Protocol.

Why Do We Recommend Smoothies?

Why Do You Recommend Smoothies?

Smoothies are recommended by your Enhanced Protocol™ coaches because they are a great source of concentrated nutrition including micronutrients. Just follow our guidelines (and recipes) to make them as healthy as possible.

Will I Be Taking Medications Or Only Supplements?

Will I Be Taking Medications Or Only Supplements?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question. We look at approximately 45 different factors in analysing your unique situation. So the answer to this question will be unique to you. Watch the video for a more in depth understanding of this answer.

Research Articles

Welcome to the Research Module

Due to the sheer volume of research and informational material that will be added to this module as time goes by, the documents will be stored offsite (in our Google Drive account).

Use this link to access it. Please don’t share this link as this resource is intended for the use of our members only.

Care Partners Resources

For Care Partners Only - Part 1
For Care Partners Only - Part 2

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