What Is Brain Fog?

What Is Brain Fog

Most people will experience brain fog

What Is Brain Fog?

Have you ever felt mentally sluggish- as if every cognitive task took a lot of extra mental effort? Have you struggled to remember things you know very well, had a difficult time concentrating, or found your mental focus flitting from one thing to the next? If so, then you have experienced symptoms of brain fog.

Brain fog is not a technical term or diagnosis, and there is no specific brain fog test, but the words themselves are so descriptive that most people know exactly what people mean when referring to it. Brain fog is common enough that many people ask us if there is ‘brain fog medication’ or ‘brain fog supplements’ they can take. Although there is not a specific pill you can take to clear brain fog, the good news is that it is treatable when the right approaches are correctly applied. Many factors can affect brain health, so it is important to address multiple factors if you want to optimize your cognitive performance.

One of the most common causes of fuzzy thinking is poorly controlled blood sugar. Alzheimer’s disease is nicknamed ‘diabetes of the brain’ or ‘type 3 diabetes’ because around 80% of people living with Alzheimer’s have insulin resistance. Eating the standard American diet (high carbohydrate, fried and processed foods, sweets), compounded over time, burns out the insulin receptors of the body and makes it more difficult to process sugar. This leads to obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease and other metabolic mayhem. When insulin receptors are burned out, the brain- which uses an astounding 30% of the energy our body produces- becomes starved for fuel and does not fire up as well. Eating a diet high in good fats, such as olive oil, avocados, and nuts & seeds, lots of vegetables, plenty of protein, and cutting out a lot of the bread, pasta, sweets, and processed junk food most people eat, will do a lot to improve your energy level and boost insulin sensitivity.

Lack of physical activity is also a root cause of brain fog. Physical activity improves insulin sensitivity and causes the brain to produce higher levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, a hormone that stimulates brain cell growth, connection, and nourishment. The couch potato lifestyle is a recipe for brain fog and improving is as simple as getting up and going for a walk every day- so get moving!

One of the top causes of daytime fatigue in adults is dehydration. The body cannot produce energy without water, and dehydration will affect your brain’s ability to process information efficiently. If you want to perk up, then drink up- water, that is. 😉

Americans pride themselves on working hard and sometimes brag about pulling all-nighters and burning the candle at both ends as if doing so was a badge of honor or proof of superior drive. In reality, skipping your 7 to 8 hours on a regular basis means that you are attempting to accomplish your goals without using your full capacity- sort of like trying to cut something with a dull knife. Sleep is both a time when our bodies do not have to process food and, therefore, do not have to produce insulin, and the time when our bodies (metabolically speaking) take out the trash. So, go to bed! Your brain will thank you for it!

Brain fog can also be caused by a lack of various hormones and nutrient deficiencies. Addressing those issues and fine-tuning the other areas mentioned requires the involvement of a qualified medical professional. At A Mind For All Seasons® we offer a comprehensive program to treat brain fog and help you get back on track called The Enhance Protocol®. To learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation, visit amindforallseasons.com.

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