Using Audio Visual Entrainment Therapy to Reduce Anxiety

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Audio Visual Entrainment Therapy Can Change Your Brainwaves For The Better

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Audio Visual Entrainment Therapy is a technique that’s been used in mental health for 50 years, but it kind of fell out of the mindset because we’ve grown into being a pharmaceutical nation and we treat mental health challenges with medication now, and don’t use a lot of other interventions. Really simply put, AVE is using a stimulus in the ears and the stimulus in the eyes to change the brainwaves. And when we change those brainwaves, we can take someone that might be feeling really down and distressed into feeling much more light and relaxed and pleasant. So it’s just a really cool technology that doesn’t require medicine, has virtually no side effects, and can lift and strengthen the mental health of individuals.
– Randy Vawdrey

To a small sample of the scholarly research that supports the usefulness of this technique for different medical challenges you can click here.

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