The Enhance Protocol®

The Enhance Protocol® is a comprehensive, personalized, research-based, multi-modal program to help improve cognitive functioning.

Step 1) A Roadmap to Better Brain Health

The Welcome Email
(To get you started)

Sent by our Chief Memory Coach, Christine Bubb, The welcome email gives you all the details you need to get you started on the path to better brain health.

Establishing a Baseline

One of the first steps before we start throwing interventions at you, is to establish a baseline of your current brain health and cognitive performance.

Out for Blood

We also send you out to a local lab in your area to have a series of bloodwork performed. This along with your baseline testing all gets rolled into your roadmap.

The Roadmap Review

Once the results of testing are in, we sit down with you in what we call The Roadmap Review. In this meeting, we layout the next steps and a clear plan to reach your goals.

Making Changes

Armed with the knowledge from your roadmap meeting, you are prepared to begin making changes that will positively impact your brain (and body) health.

Guidance & Support

Understanding everything you need to do from one meeting is impossible! For this reason, our coaches are here to provide guidance and support you on your way.

Step 2) Time to Optimize

Lifestyle Changes

There are 7 key areas proven to impact cognitive functioning. When we optimize these 7 areas of our life, we experience huge gains in cognitive function and ability. Paired with your roadmap and a coach, you will learn the specific steps you can take in each of these areas to optimize your brain health.

The brain is like a muscle. When routinely challenged, neurons and synaptic connections are strengthened and enhanced. This is called neuroplasticity. Increasing neuroplasticity in the brain helps the brain regrow and adapt to changing requirements.

Exercise can help improve cognitive function, and all participants are encouraged to engage in some form of exercise each day. Exercise is an effective way to enhance cerebral blood flow and improve oxygen delivery to the brain. Exercise also helps move lymph through muscle contractions and functionally can help strengthen the immune system.

Dietary intervention is the mainstay of intervention, and when dietary changes are embraced and followed consistently, cognitive improvement almost always follows. The brain is a very active organ and requires high energy to function. Having a diet that will support the functions of your brain, rather than deplete its resources, is essential.

Dental health promotes cognitive health! There is a growing awareness that dental health is correlated with brain health. Persistent dental decay usually predicts constant brain decay. If you have concerns about your dental health, you should schedule a dental consult and discuss these concerns with your dentist/hygienist. Be proactive and learn how to improve your dental and brain health.

Sleep is essential to optimize brain function. Restful sleep is the way our mind ‘resets and recharges’ each day. Adequate and restful sleep is an integral part of good cognitive function. Even if you do not think you have a sleep disorder, every person at risk for cognitive decline should complete an overnight oximetry test. Most individuals do not know how well they sleep, how much time they spend in REM sleep, how well they oxygenated during the night, etc. You can ask your physician or your Memory Coach about ways we can test and improve the quality of your sleep.

Stress relaxation can help optimize brain function, and you are encouraged to engage in some form of intentional and focused stress reduction effort each day. Most individuals agree that small and simple things can be done to calm the nerves regularly to relieve stress and aid relaxation. Your Memory Coach is versed in many different relaxation methods and can help you find a stress-reduction technique that works for you!

Supplements have a definitive role in cognitive disorders. There are supplements to improve focus, motivation, memory, mood, and cognition. If you have ever used caffeine as a means of stimulating alertness and awareness, you’ll probably find this area fascinating.


In our experience, making the changes needed to optimize your brain health can be a bit challenging for most people. But don’t worry, we haven’t left you alone. Our team of coaches are here to help guide you through every page of your roadmap on your personalized path back to better brain health.

Click the button below to speak with one of our coaches about your brain health goals!

1:1 Coaching

Real change comes in environments where we feel safe to share our struggles, and vulnerabilites. Our coaches work with you one-on-one to help encourage, motivate, guide, and direct you on your path to a happier, healthier you!

Local or Remote

We work with clients all over the world, and have experienced great success in helping people reach their brain health goals. Whether you’re local to Boise, Idaho or call Paris home, we are happy, ready, and able to help.


Often, due to the world we live in, there are many factors impacting our body’s performance. As we make lifestyle changes, it is sometimes helpful to also employ some of the latest therapuetic interventions which help to calm the inflammatory response, increase circulation, and promote ATP production and brain-derived-neurotrophic-factor (BDNF) in the brain.

THOR Light Helmet
Audio-Visual Entrainment
First studied during WW2 when bombs were dropping and radar operators were found asleep or in a trance staring at their radar screens, Audio Visual Entrainment is used today to help guide the brain safely and gently to optimal brainwave patterns.
Exercise with Oxygen
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
In the 1960's NASA Astronauts were coming back to earth poisoned by their own blood flow which had slowed in zero-gravity.
Far Infrared Sauna
Interactive Metronome®
Seneca Interactive Metronome
BTrackS Balance Plate & 60uP
60uP Erin

Regular Retest

Alongside the subjective and experiential gains you will make as you work your roadmap and make the changes you need to make, We want to ensure we’re going in the right direction at all times. For this reason, We regularly retest (about every 3 months) the areas where we have been making changes and expect to see growth. These moments give us the opportunity to dive even deeper into contributors to brain health including:


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Step 3) Enhance For Life

Some of the changes you make will be temporary (i.e. a short boost to your Vitamin D levels). However, others, you’ll commit to for life. Eitherway, we are here to support you!

An Added Boost

Some people need and want an extra boost towards better brain health. For those looking for that extra boost, we offer a 1-week brain health intensive we call Brain Health Bootcamp.