“He is an exceptional trainer. He is very knowledgeable about his subject and able to present it in a way that is informative and entertaining…” 

Testimonials for Eric Collett

We had the opportunity of having Eric Collett visit our Assisted Living community for training of our employees and an interactive, informative lecture about dementia with our families.  He is an exceptional trainer.  Our staff was able to ask questions and better understand the cause and behavior of dementia and more importantly how to deal with it on a daily basis.  His style of dialogue and discussion is so much more effective than just lecture.  I got so much positive feedback from the family members who attended his discussion; they want to have him back every month.  They left feeling understood and supported, they also had their individual questions answered.  I recommend him highly as a trainer and speaker.”
-Sue C.
Executive Director


“It was a great experience working with Eric Collett during the design process for a new Memory Care unit attached to an existing Assisted Living facility. He truly understands the needs and best environments for patients afflicted with dementia. From the size of bedrooms to transitions of finishes, his input was invaluable to every detail of our design. Eric raised awareness of optical issues in relation to dementia patients, and helped us understand how to use lights and darks in finishes, fixtures, and furniture fabric to produce the safest environment for residents. Understanding these needs upfront aided us in finding solutions in the early part of the design phase, allowing our team to avoid costly changes after construction.

Eric is both highly knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about caring for dementia sufferers, caregivers, family members, and staff. Be it for new construction or remodels, any time creating a safe environment for dementia residents and related staff is a project goal, I would highly recommend consulting with Mr. Collett. Our firm is highly likely to engage him again in the future.”
-Lindsay E.
CTA Architects


“Many thank yous for all your help during the last several months, and in fact, the past year or more.  Just having you listen was a Godsend, but your practical advice was critical to my sanity.  You are truly a resource and treasure to this community, but more importantly, you are a good and caring person.”
-Bea C.
Family member of client


“Your knowledge and compassion for people with dementia and their families made us feel better with our daily decisions pertaining to the care of mom.”
-Gray family


“For this past year or more I have lived from month to month in happy anticipation of your next visit and music appreciation presentation.  Your knowledge and skill have brought true delight into my life…I hope this note gives you a sense of the joy you bring to my life month by month.”
-John P.
Assisted living resident

“Eric Collett is a captivating speaker with exceptional knowledge of music history.  My husband says he is the best lecturer he has ever heard!”
-S. Potter
Independent Living resident


“I would like to express my appreciation to Eric Collett for his extraordinary professionalism and knowledge about memory loss and the tremendous impact it creates or individuals, their families, and friends.  He has gone above and beyond.  Eric’s guidance has been pivotal as I assist a dear friend in her journey with memory impairment.  He answers all questions with patience, kindness and respect as he takes the time to provide supportive care to all, while giving ideas to maximize the quality of life for those struggling with memory loss.  Thank you Eric for being our guardian angel!!!  With deepest appreciation,
-Karen H.
Care partner


“We just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for our mom and dad and whole family this year.  We are forever grateful and can’t imagine going through this journey and this awful disease without your guidance, cool head and calm words.”
-Debbie A.
Family member of client