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From octogenarians to 30-somethings, anyone’s brain can break down if they don’t take the necessary steps to keep it healthy and strong. We hope you not only find your own story reflected in the words below but also find hope. You can save your brain too. Their stories prove it.

“I got my mom back!”

That was Ally’s description when reflecting on the changes she had seen since her mother, Suzy Spear, began participating in The Enhance Protocol® in December of 2019.

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“…I would trust this man with the care of my family members.”

“If you know of someone battling cognitive impairment, I urge you to reach out to Eric. I can honestly say I would trust this man with the care of my family members. You don’t have to sit back and watch this disease rob those you love of their mind; there is so much you can do. Alzheimer’s Disease can and has been reversed.”

"Eric and Randy are exceptional to work with."

Traci Beagley

“Eric and Randy are exceptional to work with. They are smart, practical and extremely innovative. My sleep habits have improved as well as my brain fog in just a few short weeks.”

"Thank you for being awesome Eric!"

Linda Beatty

“I had the pleasure of benefiting from Eric’s extensive knowledge of not just dementia but several other topics. He teaches and has an amazing ability to connect with everyone. Thank you for being awesome Eric!”

"Thank you Eric!!"

Maureen Jackson

“I was having a rough time managing my husband’s dementia because he did not seem to be showing Alzheimer’s symptoms. Eric did an evaluation and suggested a full work up by second neurologist. After more tests including a PET scan he was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Degeneration (bvFTD) a very different type of dementia. After a correct diagnosis, his doctor and I were able to manage his care more appropriately. Thank you Eric!!”

"He is a magician at identifying creation solutions and approaches."

Dee Childers

“Eric is an extraordinary consultant with significant depth of knowledge, expertise, and passion about helping individuals with dementia and their families. I’ve used his services with my own parent and have also asked him to join the team with difficult client situations. He is a magician at identifying creation solutions and approaches.”

"I was extremely impressed with Eric Collett’s cognitive evaluation skills."

Jean Murphy

“I was extremely impressed with Eric Collett’s cognitive evaluation skills. He recently did a cognitive evaluation and functional needs assessment of my mom in my presence. It was very thorough and covered not only memory and language testing but also visuospatial and executive functioning skills. He has a very caring manner and immediately put her at ease. I am happy to talk to anyone that is considering working with Eric. Thank you Eric!”

"I recommend him without reservation."

Debra Alsaker-Burke

“Eric is a tremendous resource for families and care givers. His calm, caring, nonjudgmental approach to working with our family helped us navigate the most difficult decision of how to best care for my mother now and in the future. We have made a decision, and although it was difficult, we feel that it is a good decision. That confidence is due in large part to the education and coaching that Eric provided. I recommend him without reservation.”

"You both have so much love for your clients."

Richard Saul

“Christine and Gar I again want to thank you both for giving Sharon the birthday party. It was very thoughtful and shows how you both are so professional at what you are doing for the clients like Sharon. You both have so much love for your clients. Sharon is so comfortable when she is with you both. It makes my heart warm when I hear her laugh as she goes through her routines and your relationship you have with her uplifts her for the day. Even though she might forget what went on that particular day later I know it must have an impact on her mental state in the long run. Again thank you, I appreciate you both for your concern for Sharon.”

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