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The Education and Support
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The Education and Support Families Need

Millions of people in the US have a loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia.  For many, understanding the disease, knowing how to best support the loved one living with dementia and navigating the increasingly complex healthcare system are overwhelming.  Many care partners find themselves frustrated, confused and exhausted.  Internet searches leave many families more lost than they were as they struggle to find answers to basic questions like “What things should I be planning for at this time?”, “Where is my loved one in the disease process?”, “When should I consider professional help?”, “How do I pay for care?” and “What should I do when my loved one has a behavior I find difficult to respond to?”

 Support Where And How You Need It
 A Mind For All Seasons was founded on the belief that education changes lives- especially when a person is learning to live with a life-changing disease process like Alzheimer’s. We provide the coaching, training and resources families need to make solid decisions, help their loved ones function better, and provide compassionate care. Our educational guidance, developed through many years of working with families caring for loved ones living with dementia, is presented in a very understandable, engaging manner.  We focus on helping those supporting the person with dementia to see the world from his or her perspective.

 The Process
 No two people are exactly alike and supporting a person living with dementia is as unique as the individual.  That is why our approach at A Mind For All Seasons begins with a comprehensive evaluation, including extensive cognitive testing, a functional needs review, and a life and health history.  Once we have developed an understanding of how the person living with dementia is experiencing the world, we are in a position to teach care partners how to use approaches that will be most effective, what environmental modifications might make a difference, what to expect in the coming months, what questions and concerns to raise with primary care providers, how to minimize challenging behavioral expressions and much more.

We offer the following Private Client Services for care partners that want private support and coaching:

  • The Enhance Protocol®
  • Cognitive Evaluations
  • Life & Health History Review
  • Care Partner Education & Coaching
  • Resourcing
  • Care Plan Consultation & Guidance
  • Educational Programming

Simple Payment Options – Many professionals bill an hourly rate. At A Mind For All Seasons, we want clients to pick up the phone and call for help any time they need it without worrying what the call will cost.  That’s why we charge flat rates for different service packages. We have convenient options that provide unlimited access to our services for a specified amount of time.

For more information about Private Coaching for Memory Care Patients, Contact Us or Call Today: 208-378-2860.

Private Client Services