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Do you need a gym for your brain?

Brain Therapy Studio - A Mind For All Seasons, 7655 West Riverside Dr, Boise,ID 83714Yes, you do! And our new Brain Therapy Studio is here to provide you with that much needed gym. Did you know that Alzheimer’s disease is at work for 10-20 years before symptoms show up? We are on a mission to help people protect their brains before they go down the path of cognitive decline. People experiencing cognitive decline generally have underlying challenges in their whole physical system that have built up over many years, such as compromised blood flow, decreased oxygenation, chronic pain, poor mitochondrial functioning, insulin resistance, diminished muscle recovery, and other related conditions. Our Therapy Studio is filled with medical devices that address these types of challenges. From red light therapy, exercise with oxygen therapy, and pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy, to FIR sauna, audio-visual entrainment, motor-cortex stimulation and more, we have gathered an impressive array of exciting, research-based interventions that do much to amplify the other lifestyle interventions of The Enhance Protocol®.

What is the process?

We provide comprehensive baseline testing for cognitive functioning, along with using advanced tools for eye tracking and balance assessment to measure neurological functioning. We also help clients complete an extensive panel of blood work to analyze what nutrient and hormone deficiencies, inflammatory markers, toxic exposures and metabolic problems need to be addressed to ensure optimal brain health. We provide clients with a thorough written treatment plan- a RoadMap outlining how to get from where they are to a place of better cognitive functioning. Every client is assigned a memory coach to help them implement The Enhance Protocol in their everyday lives. Once a baseline is established, our clients set up a regular schedule to visit the Therapy Studio 2-3 times a week to boost their overall functional level, check in with their support team, receive guidance, and track progress. We re-check sub-optimal lab values, re-test cognitive functioning, and update the treatment plan on a quarterly basis.


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