Brain Therapy Studio Reopens!

Brain Therapy Studio Boise Idaho

Our Brain Therapy Studio Is Open Again!

Hi, I’m Eric Colette from A Mind For All Seasons, and I’m here in our beautiful Brain Therapy Studio, which unfortunately, we had to temporarily shut down during the COVID-19 crisis. But I’m excited to let you know that it’s official our Brain Therapy Studio reopens! And we are continuing forward with our work to change lives one brain at a time, want to give you a little bit of background on our therapy studio and then show you a quick tour so that you know the things that we have to offer here. For the last several years, my business partner, Randy Vawdrey, who is our chief medical officer, and I have been working on a research based multimodal treatment approach to help people living with dementia, or those who want to prevent it to really improve their cognitive health… to download the whole video transcript click here.

Located at –
A Mind For All Seasons
7655 West Riverside Dr
Boise, ID 83714
(208) 378-2860

Free Better Brain Health Consultation

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If you’re ready to take the first step to having a healthy brain for the rest of your life, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation. Together, we will get clear about your current ‘state of brain’, uncover what’s really standing in your way, and create a proven plan to enjoy the mental clarity you’ve always wanted to make a permanent part of your life.

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