Randy Vawdrey has been certified by Dr. Mark Gordon to evaluate and treat traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Novel Approach to Managing Patients with Persistent Severe Symptoms After Traumatic Brain Injuries

A Mind For All Seasons announces that Randy Vawdrey, NP-C and Chief Medical Officer at A Mind For All Seasons has been certified by Dr. Mark Gordon of the Millennium Health Network, to evaluate and treat traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Millennium Health Network has developed protocols to evaluate and successfully treat traumatic brain injury (TBI) by optimizing neurohormones and neurosteroids. Over the last 2 decades many thousands of patients have benefitted from these protocols. Randy Vawdrey’s acceptance into the network will now make these protocols available to TBI patients in Idaho.

Individuals with less severe head injury such as repetitive minor sports concussions, brain radiation, chronic stress, and chronic fatigue may benefit from this treatment. Loss of consciousness is not a prerequisite for developing symptoms or syndromes similar to TBI. Minor head or brain traumas can unleash the same inflammatory neurological cascades that interfere with the neuroendocrine hormones that disrupt brain function, impair mood, and lead to cognitive disorders. This treatment has also been shown to benefit patients with depression, anxiety, bipolar, obsessive-compulsiveness, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cognitive and emotional decline.

Neuro-inflammation underlies many of the changes observed in psychological, physiological, and physical functioning. Participants can complete an extensive blood-based biomarker panel and identify neurohormonal deficiencies or insufficiencies have may been caused by neuro-inflammation. 

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About Randy Vawdrey, NP-C, MSN

Randy Vawdrey, NP-C is the Chief Medical Officer of A Mind For All Seasons headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Randy has completed the functional medicine training course in cognitive decline with the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2017 and he completed the ReCODE 2 provider training by Dr. Dale Bredesen in 2020. Randy has treated and strengthened hundreds of clients struggling through the various stages of cognitive decline.

Randy served as the chairman of the psychotropic drug review committees at the Veterans Administration Skilled Living Center in Pocatello, Idaho 2006 – 2014, and at the Skilled Nursing Facility at Bingham Memorial Hospital during the same time. He served as the program director for a geropsychiatric hospital for seniors struggling with end-stage dementia and mental illness from 2001 – 2005. He opened and operated Physicians Mental Health Services in 2011 and he continues as staff provider at Physicians Optimal Health in Pocatello, Idaho.

As part of his primary care experience, Randy helped launch a weight loss company and received advanced training in hormone replacement therapy under the tutelage of Dr. Warren Willey. His clinical experience goes far beyond providing Testosterone for Men and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for Women. Randy also serves as clinical liaison for a naturopathic clinic in southern Idaho and oversees the integration of natural and pharmaceutical interventions that support healthy aging, the use of supplements, prescriptions, anti-aging and age management programs, nutrition counseling, genetic testing, fitness protocols, and a host of non-traditional, therapeutic modalities that include Red and NIR light therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, pulsed electromagnetic frequencies, sauna and cold-exposure therapy, audio-visual entrainment, Interactive Metronome®, exercise with oxygen therapy, and a host of neurological based diagnostic testing tools. Randy’s approach has also helped clients to radically improve health and to age gracefully. Randy Vawdrey is also a member of Dr. Mark Gordon’s Millennium Health Network.

About the Millennium Health Centers

Dr. Mark L. Gordon is the founder and medical director of Millennium Health Centers, Inc. in Encino, California. The Millennium Health Centers, Inc. provides assessment and treatment of both traumatic brain injury and non-traumatic brain injury symptoms through its Neuro-Regenerative Centers.

You can read more about the science of TBI at: tbihelpnow.org/the-science

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