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We do extensive testing!
  • Extensive blood work to review 40+ factors that influence brain health, including hormones, inflammatory markers, metabolic factors, nutrients, genetics, and vitamins.
  • Before & After Cognitive Testing:
    • MoCA
    • CNSVital Signs
    • Allen Cognitive Levels
    • And more!
  • Balance Plate Testing
  • RightEye Vision Testing
The Enhance RoadmapTM
  • Sometimes referred to as ‘The owner’s manual for your body’, The Enhance Roadmap is a highly personalized 50+ page document based on the results of our testing. 
  • The report provides patients and their providers with a functional medicine perspective and changes they can immediately implement to alter the trajectory of their health.
  • Designed by Providers for Providers.
Coaching & Therapies
  • We have a team including certified diet coaches, an SLP, an RN Cognitive Specialist, and Certified Memory Coaches to provide regular coaching sessions that help patients learn to eat better, exercise regularly, develop stress management skills, improve sleep, support loved ones living with dementia, and other critical topics.
  • Our innovative brain therapy studio is filled with medical devices that improve blood flow, calm inflammation, boost cerebral oxygen levels, stimulate mitochondrial functioning, increase verbal processing, improve balance, and more.

Quick Answers

  • We are experts in Brain Science. We work in collaboration with our clients’ PCPs, neurologists, mental health providers, and other key professionals.
  • Our process, The Enhance Protocol, translates the work of top brain health researchers into a system that surrounds our clients with insight, support and guidance. Researchers who have influenced our process include:
      • Dr. Dale Bredesen
      • Dr. Mark Gordon
      • Dr. Mark Lewis
      • Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
      • Dr. Daniel Amen
      • Dr. Richard Isaacson
      • Dr. Warren Willey
      • and more.

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