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The Caregiver MinuteTM

The Caregiver Minute is a free daily 3-7 minute video designed to help family and professional caregivers gather every weekday to refine their skills, gain inspiration, and prepare to serve.

20 Questions Every Healthcare Leader Should Be Asking

Learn how the right questions can help you reduce your stress, pivot your marketing effort, and have more residents or patients!

Maintaining Social Connectedness As We Emerge From Covid-19

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Supercharge Your Activity Program

Many activity directors love their work and the residents they serve but feel the calendar is getting a bit stale. Some struggle to create high-level social experiences within low-level budget constraints. This inspiring presentation will help activity professionals and those who support them discover new ways of thinking about their role in the organization.

3 Secrets to Boosting Occupancy in Any Market

Based on the best of social science research, business case studies and industry experience, this insightful course will outline the steps you can take to develop the kind of organization customers will line up to support.

Mastering the Art of Dementia Care

This comprehensive 8-hour course helps participants learn to see the world from the perspective of someone living with dementia and trains participants in a set of approaches and techniques to help them communicate effectively. The course also explores the latest research and techniques to help improve cognitive functioning and covers leadership tools to help participants take what they learn back to their teams and implement it.

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