Professional Client Services

Caring for persons living with dementia can be very challenging. A Mind For All Seasons helps professionals have a more rewarding and successful relationship with their clients through outstanding staff education, consultation regarding difficult resident situations and much more.

Memory Care Consulting For Professionals

Train to Retain
Many assisted living and skilled nursing facilities have had the unfortunate experience of caring for a resident with dementia whose behavior becomes increasingly difficult to understand and channel in a way that is conducive to community living.  Such residents are frequently discharged, causing distress to the resident, lost revenue and frustration for the facility and resident’s loved ones.  Often, situations leading to discharge are preventable with the right training and understanding of how to approach the resident living with dementia.  A Mind for All Seasons can help facilities and other professionals caring for persons with dementia to avoid many discharges by providing understanding, training and approaches that are proven to make a difference.  Time and money invested in staff training and development also improve staff retention by empowering staff to be more successful in their work.  Employees who feel valued and successful are more likely to make long term commitments to their employer.

Leadership Support and Coaching
Owners, Administrators and their management teams are required to develop and implement policies and procedures to address a broad range of needs.  Eric Collett, principal and owner of A Mind for All Seasons, is a seasoned administrator who has proven that he knows how to make a community sell itself.  Eric has a passion for sharing knowledge and helping others succeed.  His knowledge and experience can help you know how to create a culture of education and innovation with your staff, design better spaces for people with dementia, learn what really drives occupancy and how to harness its power, gain the insight to help your team provide world-class customer service, develop an activity program curriculum that will be the talk of the town, and much more.

We offer the following services for professional clients:

  • Staff Education & Training
  • Cognitive Evaluations
  • Staff Education & Training
  • Cognitive Evaluations
  • Pre-Admission Consultation
  • Life & Health History Review
  • Resourcing
  • Care Planning & Guidance
  • Written Reports For Physicians
  • Building Design Consultation
  • Activity Program Development
  • Policy & Procedure Consultation
  • Leadership Coaching

For more information about Professional Coaching for Memory Care Patients, Ask Eric or Call Today:  208-571-2475.