Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment (Jenn’s Story)

Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment

Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment Results

An Excited Client Tells of Her Incredible Recovery From a Major Concussion
as told to Eric Collett by Jenn Reese

“My brain felt like hot mud”

Those were the words Jenn Reese used to describe the mushy brain functioning she experienced after her third concussion and prior to her Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment at our Brain Therapy Studio.

When she first came to A Mind For All Seasons, Jenn explained that her love of adventure and thrill seeking caught up with her a week before, resulting in her third major mountain biking accident and third concussion in the last year and a half. This time, she had been knocked out for 15 minutes and was still unable to recall certain events from the days before the accident. To make matters worse, Jenn’s left arm was in a sling so she could heal a broken scapula- the large wing-shaped bones that help form the shoulder- and she had a bruised, swollen face and an assortment of wounds on her arms and legs. A single mother of three, Jenn’s inability to focus, process, and remember forced her to take time off from work to heal.

As Jenn shared the history of her other concussions, it became clear that from the first one onward her life had changed dramatically. A straight-A student while in school, Jenn said she no longer felt any sense of mental crispness. No matter how much she slept, she awoke fatigued and felt as if she was slogging through quicksand all day. She wondered if her brain was permanently damaged- forever changed in ways that would prevent her from providing for her family. She had turned into a different version of herself and she was frightened at the possibility of a lifetime of diminished capacity.

To help her heal, the team at A Mind For All Seasons swung into action and helped Jenn by measuring her baseline eye tracking, balance, and cognitive functioning, boosting her micronutrients, and using medical devices to boost energy production, calm inflammation, increase blood flow and oxygenation to the brain and other tissues, influence brain wave patterns, and promote bone growth and tissue recovery.

After two weeks, Jenn agreed to share her amazing progress with the world.

She said, “I honestly feel like the engines in every cell of my body and brain are getting turned on again and all the cogs are starting to turn again.”

As she completed therapy sessions in the Brain Therapy Studio at A Mind For All Seasons, Jenn noticed that challenges she had been battling since her earlier concussions improved. She described herself as a “stuttering mess” for the last year and said she is now much more articulate and can sustain focus instead of feeling “like there are ping pong balls bouncing around in [her] mind”. After her very first session, Jenn was able to sleep through the night and woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in over a year. She has continued to sleep well since then.

Jenn credits the combination of modalities available at A Mind For All Seasons for her rapid success. She said, “There are different things that target different areas of the brain and body, and synergistically they all work together to jump start everything and promote healing all the way around. I tell my friends that I’m going to the brain spa! I love my appointments and genuinely feel like I’m leaving with my body and mind improving to a better level that will last.” Her therapy sessions have consisted of pulsed electromagnetic field treatments, full body red light therapy, audio-visual entrainment, exercise with oxygen, and the powerful Thor Photomedicine Light Helmet- a device used at research hospitals that is not available to the general public anywhere else in the United States.

Jenn’s recovery has been rapid and impressive. After two weeks, she has no scabs on her body. She related that her ten-year-old daughter was injured a month before Jenn’s last accident and still has wounds that are not completely healed- something her daughter pointed out by asking why Jenn’s skin is all better while hers still had scabs. Jenn is out of her sling and her orthopedist is “blown away” that she has healed so quickly and has almost full range of motion.

If you have had a concussion and would like to explore how you can take advantage of the Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment (aka our Concussion Protocol) that Jenn has benefitted from, please call us at 208-378-2860 or use the contact link at amindforallseasons.com.

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