Photobiomodulation (Red/Near Red Light) Therapy

Photobiomodulation (Red/Near Infrared Light) therapy uses electromagnetic light
energy to trigger photochemical changes within our cells. Red and near infrared light energy is absorbed by mitochondria, which produce cellular energy called “ATP”. The key to this process is an enzyme called cytochrome oxidase c, which accepts photonic energy of specific wavelengths.

Red/Near Infrared Light therapy:

  • Promotes antioxidant production
  • Increases cellular energy production
  • Improves gene transcription and healing
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves mood disorders
  • Improves sleep

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This process creates mild oxidants, leading to gene transcription and cellular repair/healing. The process also clears a chain clogged by nitric oxide. The nitric oxide is then released back into the system. Nitric oxide is a molecule our body produces to help its 50 trillion cells communicate with each other. Additionally, nitric oxide helps to dilate the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

THOR Light Helmet

What are the specific benefits of red and near infrared light therapy?

  • Antioxidant Production– Red and near infrared light helps promote antioxidant production, which plays a central role in reducing the oxidative stress associated with cell injury and things like muscle fatigue and joint pain & inflammation.
  • Improved Circulation– Studies have identified an increase in circulation following red light therapy, indicating tissues are receiving more oxygen and other nutrients important for healing while also ridding themselves of toxic byproducts.
  • Improved Circulation of Lymph System and Reduced Inflammation– Natural light enhances activity within the lymph system, which has been shown to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Improved Sleep– Exposure to artificial light after dark can inhibit the body’s ability to release melatonin and impact your ability to fall asleep. Using a high-quality red-light therapy device during the day has been clinically shown to increase natural melatonin production and may help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

How can Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy Impact Cognitive Function?

Research scientist and professor at Harvard Medical School, Michael Hamblin PhD., is considered the father of red light therapy. Dr. Hamblin suggests, “Near infrared light can penetrate quite deep into the body. So, if you shine it on your head, it will penetrate your skull and a lot of it is absorbed by your brain. Once you understand this, it’s amazing to think of the various diseases of the brain that need regeneration and healing, which could potentially be treated with light therapy.”

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