Mental Health

Many efforts to improve symptoms of mental health challenges confront the old nature versus nurture debate. Are mental health symptoms the result of early childhood training and conditioning, chemical imbalances in the brain that need to be managed with medications, or both? At A Mind For All Seasons, we aim to identify the root causes of mental health challenges and correct them so our clients experience lasting benefits. Some people experience low energy, trouble concentrating, anxiety, or other distressing symptoms if they have genetic tendencies that make it more difficult for their body to use B vitamins. Others have damage to the pituitary gland that has affected their body’s ability to signal production of critical hormones. Untreated sleep apnea leaves many people exhausted and feeling depressed. Many of our clients have experienced brain injuries and were not even aware. For example, sports like soccer, football, rugby, and basketball have a high incidence of hits to the head that may not rise to the level of a traditional concussion diagnosis but could still damage the pituitary gland and result in serious hormonal signaling problems that cause mental health-related symptoms.

The Enhance Protocol is a powerful tool for correcting these challenges. We use eye tracking and balance testing, cognitive testing, a health history, and an extensive panel of bloodwork to determine the extent of the problems. Our Chief Medical Officer then writes a comprehensive treatment report we call the Enhance Roadmap™ because it explains how to go from where you are to where you want to be. Our Certified Memory Coaches then guide you through interventions, including targeted supplementation, dietary changes, exercise, use of medical devices, brain training, sleep optimization, and more. Most of our clients experience significant, measurable improvements as they participate in The Enhance Protocol.

Questions about Mental Health?