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At A MindFor All Seasons, we’re passionate about listening to and hearing our clients’ compliments and concerns.

We’re also interested in hearing from our employees, interns, licensees, partners, and even that random guy who just happened to find our website and saw something he liked or thought could be improved.

This page is dedicated to that end: Giving the people we work and interact with a safe place to share their voices. A voice that can be heard. Heard anonymously, and without judgment.

Anything, Anytime!

This form is here for those who want to submit general feedback about anything, anytime they want! 

Your feedback will be anonymous. If you want a response from us, you will also be given an opportunity to enter your email address. 

Who sees my answers?

Responses to our Anything, Anytime Survey come directly to a member of the AMFAS Team. Currently the team member assigned to overseeing and responding to this survey is:

Stephen Beacham, CTO

Stephen Beacham, CTO

Current Research Areas

If you want to voice your opinions about A Mind For All Seasons, you can do so by participating in research that we are currently conducting. We appreciate you taking the time to share your voice in these specific areas, as these directly impact decisions we make going forward!

Client Experience Survey*

This survey was created to understand  former and current clients’ thoughts and experiences with The Enhance Protocol. By taking this survey, it will allow us to understand how the The Enhance Protocol can be improved to create a better experience for all of our clients.This survey is filled with either multiple choice or short answered questions that can be answered in a couple of words. If you are a former or current client it would be greatly appreciated if you click on the box below to go to the survey. We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey!

Client Experience Interviews*

If you have completed the client experience survey and want to talk more about your experiences and perception of The Enhance Protocol this interview this interview will give you the opportunity to do so. By completing the survey beforehand, it will allow Mekaila to build off of your survey responses to create more personalized interview questions. This interview will be 30 minutes long. If you’re willing to participate in an interview please click on the survey box to go to the survey. The end of the survey has a question regarding your willingness to do the interview, so be sure to select yes. We thank you in advance for taking the survey and doing the interview!

Website Experience Survey*

We want to ensure that the A Mind For All Seasons website is easy to use. A survey was created to ask what you were looking for on the website, if you were able to find it, and how long it took to find it. If you did have any trouble you have the option to share how we can make it easier for you. If you want to voice your opinion about the usability of the website, there is a pop-up that should appear in 60 seconds asking if you want to take a brief survey. By clicking yes and taking the survey, it will allow us to improve the usability of the website. We look forward to your responses! We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this survey. You can also access the survey via the button below.

Website Usability Testing*

Another way we want to ensure that the website is easy to use and visually appealing is to recruit clients that are unfamiliar with the website to do a usability test. Clients will be asked to do four different tasks on the website which involves finding specific information on the website. Each task will be observed and timed, but please be assured that we are not testing your ability to do these tasks. If you cannot do any of the tasks it is the fault of the website. Clients will be encouraged to express any critique they have about the website as we want to use the data from usability testing to improve the website. We thank you in advance for taking the time to participate in the usability test! 

Who sees my answers?

Research marked with an ‘*’ are conducted by an independent third-party researcher. No answer, interview, recording, or survey answers you give will ever be able to be tied back to you by any member of the AMFAS Team! Currently our independent third-party researcher is:

Mekaila Gill, UXR

Mekaila Gill, UXR

Independent Third-Party Researcher

Let's talk Privacy!

We LOVE talking with people who openly want us to improve and are willing to share that feedback with us in a safe space. We also appreciate there are times when people need a place to be heard while maintaining their privacy. For those people, we invite you to follow these tips and practices no matter who sees your answers!

  1. When you have a text entry box, do not share any personally identifiable details in your responses.
  2. When giving feedback about an experience with a member of the team, share general details.
  3. When given the option to share your email at the end of a survey, don’t!
Following these practices will help you remain anonymous and maintain your privacy as you share your voice, be that in our “Anything, Anytime” survey, or in one of our current research areas.

Thank you for visiting our Feedback Page!

We are always looking for new ways to study our services, learn from our clients’ experiences, and refine our approach. If you would be interested in helping us with further client experience research, please enter your email in the box. Your email will only be used to notify you of new research opportunities and will not be used to identify you.