Exercise with Oxygen

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy uses a combination of oxygen mixtures to
increase the natural physiological effects of exercise. It enables users to switch
between oxygen rich and oxygen reduced air.

  • Oxygen reduced air requires the cardiovascular system to work harder.
  • Oxygen enriched air accelerates recovery.

Switching from maximal exertion with oxygen reduced air to oxygen enriched
air creates a moment of simultaneous maximums of blood flow and blood
oxygen concentration to create higher oxygen levels than are known possible
by any other means!

We use the Live 02 for our Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. The Live 02
protocols can be effective in as little as 15 minutes!

Improved brain function secondary to use of Exercise with Oxygen is related
to improved blood flow to the brain, lower risk of inflammation to sensitive
neurons, and less oxidative stress. However, research also suggests that brainderived neurotrophic factor, one of the essential chemical messengers that
promotes neuron health, is increased during exercise as well.

How Does Exercise with Oxygen Stimulate Detox?

Many researchers relate total health to vascular health, and vascular health
can be compromised by inflammation, oxidation and exposure to toxins.
Endothelial cells (cells that form the innermost lining of our blood vessels) are
particularly sensitive to toxins, free radical stress, oxidative damage, and
inflammation. When these endothelial cells become inflamed, infected, or
compromised, swelling occurs, compromising blood flow to adjacent tissues.

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy helps to increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the plasma. When this occurs, circulation improves, there is increased blood flow and oxygenation to distal body tissues, endothelial inflammation is
reduced, and the body is better able to recover more quickly from physical
stress and mobilize toxins.

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