Enhance Protocol Review – An Honest Video Testimonial

The Enhance Protocol Review

Enhance Protocol Review By Suzy Spears and Her Family

“I feel like I got my mom back!”

That was Ally’s description when reflecting on the changes she had seen since her mother, Suzy Spear, began participating in The Enhance Protocol® in December of 2019. Be sure to watch this inspiring Enhance Protocol Review video, you’ll be glad you did!

Suzy worked as a teacher in the special education program at a high school in Boise, Idaho and found great joy in helping her students learn how to integrate into the broader community. In mid-2019, however, her satisfaction at work turned to frustration as she found herself cognitively struggling to keep up. She began searching unsuccessfully for words, getting mixed up with forms she had used for years, wrestling to stay focused, and forgetting now to do key aspects of her job. Eventually, she found herself forced into an early retirement because her cognitive functioning got so bad that she could not even handle simple tasks.

Suzy and her husband Brendan sought medical advice from a neurologist and received a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s disease. They traveled out of state to see a second neurologist who confirmed the earlier diagnosis and told her she also had posterior cortical atrophy- PCA. Experts do not yet know whether PCA is a unique disease or a subtype of Alzheimer’s disease since both conditions involve protein plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. PCA first affects the back of the brain, so the early symptoms involve visual processing problems. Suzy was progressively losing the ability to read and could be looking right at something and not see it.

Both of the neurologists Suzy and Brendan met with told her there was not much that could be done for her. They referenced a few medications like Aricept and Namenda that are FDA-approved for Alzheimer’s disease but admitted they do not work very well and would probably not do much for her. That answer was incredibly frustrating because Suzy was even beginning to struggle with walking and coordination. Her decline was rapid and frightening to them both.

Though the prognosis was bleak, and Suzy was quickly slipping to the point of not being able to communicate, Brendan pressed forward with a firm belief that they could find better answers. His exploration of medical research led him to the understanding that Alzheimer’s is nicknamed diabetes of the brain, so he decided he and Suzy should try a very low carbohydrate diet as a possible intervention. He also began exploring some nutrient and amino acid supplements that seemed to be important for brain health. In response, Suzy regained her ability to walk and was communicating a bit better, but she was still depressed and frequently frustrated, struggled to put her words together, and would sit at home while Brendan was at work unable to muster the mental capacity to do basic chores. When visiting her grandchildren, she often could not recall their names and tended to fall asleep a lot rather than engaging with them.

Eventually, Suzy’s best friend heard of A Mind For All Seasons, called to learn more about The Enhance Protocol, and shared what she learned with Suzy. When I first met with Suzy and Brendan, Suzy sat with a depressed look in my office and struggled to answer any of my questions. She would begin to say a few words only to get lost and defer to Brendan. Brendan said, “I know that what we have done with diet and replacing some nutrients has patched a few holes in the boat, but we need help to work on the rest of the holes.”

Now, seven months later, Suzy has her personality back, is able to carry on a great conversation, and is remembering things she was not able to recall when she started The Enhance Protocol. Instead of falling asleep and being unengaged when visiting her grandchildren, she remembers their names and can get down and play with them. Her improvements are so dramatic that those who know her are shocked. I am thrilled with Suzy’s response to The Enhance Protocol, but hearing Brendan, Suzy and their daughter Ally share their journey in their own words is especially inspiring, so be sure to watch my Enhance Protocol Review interview with them!

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