Brain Health HQ

A Mind For All Seasons is a Center For Brain Health – a resource you can turn to for the tools, guidance, programs and insight necessary to protect your most important asset: your brain. In short it’s your Brain Health HQ.

Brain Health HQ
Brain Health Headquarters

Welcome to your Brain Health HQ!

It’s never too early to start taking care of your brain. The secret to living a fulfilling life starts with excellent brain health. Whether you’re in your 30’s or 80’s now is the best time to take steps to a healthier you.

No two people are exactly alike which is why it’s imperative to treat the individual. Science has discovered that there are many root causes of cognitive decline and they can start affecting you decades before symptoms show up. If you have diabetes, had a hysterectomy, have been exposed to chemicals, heavy metals or other toxins, have a poor diet or chronic inflammation, if you are nutrient or hormone deficient or insulin resistant, you are at risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease. Today, with our comprehensive testing we can pinpoint many of the root causes of your symptoms and create a treatment program that works. Whether you already have dementia or have no symptoms and want to take better care of your brain, we can help you!

Memory Care

Most people describe memory care as a specific type of long-term care setting geared toward the unique needs of people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. Memory care communities are usually secured environments to prevent wandering and may include fenced outdoor spaces, activity programs geared toward people with dementia, increased staffing, and other supportive features. At A Mind For All Seasons®, we view memory care quite differently. To read about our memory care best practices click here.

Dementia Treatment and The Bredesen Protocol

You are probably like the rest of us and have been to the doctor for a variety of complaints. Each time, your physician examined you, asked questions, made a diagnosis, and you left with a prescription and hopes that you would feel better as quickly as possible. For many years, the treatment of disease has seemingly revolved around taking the right medications. For example, when you test positive for strep throat, you take amoxicillin and the bacterial infection quickly resolves. If you are diagnosed with a bladder infection, you can take a different antibiotic specific to the bacteria that tend to infect the bladder and viola…the infection resolves! These treatment approaches are convenient, easy and relatively simple. Click here to read more.

Lewy Body Dementia Treatment

Though Lewy body dementia (LBD) is the second most common form of dementia (second only to Alzheimer’s), conventional treatment often fails to improve or soften the symptoms of LBD, and some patients get worse with recommended treatments. If you’ve been diagnosed with LBD, you may have been told ‘there is nothing you can do.’ Well… we disagree! Click here to learn more.

Prevention for Alzheimer’s

Musician Steven Adler said, “You can have all the riches and success in the world, but if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.” This observation is especially true of brain health, and no disease provokes more fear than Alzheimer’s. Many people put on cheerful faces, post happy pictures with friends and family, and go about their daily routines, all while harboring growing worries that they are slipping mentally. Some choose to ignore their fears, figuring there is nothing they can do about them anyway. Others start buying the latest vitamin concoction promoted by their favorite media personality in the hopes they will regain some mental vitality. What many people do not realize is that a growing body of research shows that Alzheimer’s disease is largely preventable. The right early interventions, when applied correctly, can spell the difference between a healthy brain and major decline. Click here to learn more.