Brain FOg

Brain fog is a general term many people use to refer to trouble with focus and concentration, planning, and low memory functioning.

One in nine adults age 45 and older report experiencing symptoms of cognitive decline, and many more people notice troubling symptoms but are hesitant to acknowledge them. People experience brain fog for many different reasons, including insulin resistance and poor metabolic health, nutrient and hormone deficiencies, dehydration, lack of sleep or untreated sleep apnea, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, exposure to neurotoxins like herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial pollutants, and more. Many root causes of brain fog begin years before symptoms show up.  

The Enhance Protocol is a powerful system for improving cognitive functioning and is highly effective in identifying the root causes of brain fog and helping people get back to crisp mental functioning. We use eye tracking and balance testing, cognitive testing, a health history, and an extensive panel of bloodwork to determine the extent of the problems. Our Chief Medical Officer then writes a comprehensive treatment report we call the Enhance Roadmap™ because it explains how to go from where you are to where you want to be. Our Certified Memory Coaches then guide you through interventions, including targeted supplementation, dietary changes, exercise, use of medical devices, brain training, sleep optimization, and more. Most of our clients experience significant, measurable improvements as they participate in The Enhance Protocol. 

Questions about Brain Fog?