60uP/BTrackS Balance Plate Therapy

60uP was created by Dan Metcalfe, professional coach and gym owner in November of 2017. He noticed a decline in the mobility of his friend and business partner, Bob Eubanks, and offered to train him. Dan quickly realized that Bob’s problem was not the body at all, but rather the confidence to engage the body. Dan changed his focus to the brain-body connection, and with a lack of balance specific and safe workout equipment he decided to create an all-encompassing training board for balance, and specifically to re-engage the brain to feeling pressure points.

Developing the 60uP balance training program with Bob, the results were amazing. Bob went from barely walking to 6 mph on a treadmill at the age of 79, in just three weeks. His confidence was life changing. He began to feel excited about the future and started taking walks with his wife, playing golf, and getting in and out of a car easily.

60uP is more than a fitness or health workout. It is truly a life changing balance training system that addresses the natural body functions and brings back the ability to move, walk, multi-task and reconnect the brain and body. Safety and going at the right speed for each person is enabled with the 60uP balance trainer, helping to improve the independence and quality of life of people at all ability levels.

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