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Alzheimer’s disease is usually at work in the brain 10-20 years before noticeable symptoms show up.

A Mind For All Seasons


You’ve been told that dementia is common and there is nothing you can do. It can be devastating news and is not true. There is much you can do!

A Mind For All Seasons


What has the herd accepted as truth? Herd mentality is dangerous. Looking for a way to stand out in the sea of sameness?

A Mind For All Seasons is leading the revolution in brain health treatments for individuals and institutions

Eric Collett and Randy Vawdrey - A Mind for All Seasons
Randy Vawdrey, NP-C, Principal & CMO | Eric Collett, Principal & CEO

It’s never too early to start taking care of your brain. The secret to living a fulfilling life starts with excellent brain health. Whether you’re in your 30’s or 80’s now is the best time to take steps to a healthier you.

No two people are exactly alike which is why it’s imperative to treat the individual. Science has discovered that there are many root causes to cognitive decline. If you have diabetes, had a hysterectomy, been exposed to chemicals, have a poor diet or inflammation, if you are nutrient or hormone deficient or insulin resistant you are at risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease. Today, with our comprehensive testing we can pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms and create a treatment program that works. Whether you already have dementia or have no symptoms and want to take better care of your brain, we can help you!

Is your mind operating at peak potential?

How would you know? The only real way to find out about your brain health is to start with comprehensive testing which is available via The Enhance Protocol®.

Our clients are enthusiastic about the results they’re getting. Our protocol is unlike anything else because of how thorough, effective and affordable it is.

Let’s face it, most people experience forgetfulness regardless of age and most have stressful situations in life which take a huge toll on mental health. Many people have diets that are less than desirable and almost of all of us experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

You could hire a health coach, exercise coach, diet coach, and memory coach, but you don’t have to. You get all that and more with our signature program – The Enhance Protocol.


Many people feel helpless when they notice cognitive problems in themselves or have a loved one living with dementia. The sense that there is nothing one can do to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia has driven people into silent submission. Knowing actionable steps you can take to improve your brain is liberating and empowering.

Peace of Mind

You don’t have to accept cognitive decline. Knowledge is power. Our comprehensive program will give you the ‘owner’s manual’ for your brain and help you know exactly how to do better and feel better. Better brain health leads to better heart health and better overall health.


You no longer have to face cognitive decline alone! You will receive expert coaching, powerful insights and library of resources to keep you on track toward your goals.

Dr. Jennifer Laude, Founder and Director, HBOT of Idaho

“…I would trust this man with the care of my family members.”

“Eric is internationally known as the Alzheimer’s whisperer and after hearing his talk, it is abundantly clear to me why! Friends, if you know of someone battling cognitive impairment, I urge you to reach out to Eric. Not only is he a kind man with a warm heart, he is incredibly knowledgeable and flexibly intelligent. You don’t have to sit back and watch this “disease” rob those you love of their mind; there is so much you can do. AD can and has been reversed. Do something about it by reaching out to A Mind For All Seasons.”

The Enhance Protocol is for every person of any age

Are you ready to optimize your brain health? We make it easy to work with us...


Now anyone can go through our process with our robust and resource rich online system – Click here for more information about The Enhance Protocol.


Our Therapy Studio amplifies the results of our other interventions with equipment that boosts blood flow & oxygenation, cellular repair, energy production, brain wave patterns and the body’s ability to detoxify itself. Click here to learn more.


Eric and Randy are dynamic, nationally recognized speakers who regularly present keynotes, workshops, coaching, and other training to associations, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home care agencies and assisted living and memory care providers. Click here to learn more.

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