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We translate the latest innovations from top researchers into a system called The Enhance Protocol, which allows people of all ages to find relief from devastating conditions that rob brain health and limit quality of life.

The Enhance Protocol®

Your brain and body are a complex system and your brain health depends on many different factors all working in concert. Just as you cannot repair every broken car by replacing the brakes, optimizing brain health requires a thorough evaluation of the system and a plan to correct any deficiencies.

Cognitive Testing

When you measure something, you’re able to quantify progress. The Enhance Protocol begins with identifying goals and measuring eye tracking, balance, cognitive functioning, and reviewing an extensive health history questionnaire. We retest these every 3 months to measure progress.

Extensive Labwork

We want you to be the expert of YOUR body. To achieve truly personalized medicine, we start with extensive testing including a 40+ lab panel that will reveal your genetics, hormone levels, vital nutrients, chronic inflammatory markers, and other key factors that illuminate the path to better brain health.

The Roadmap Report

The Enhance Roadmap™ is a 50+ page user manual for your body. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of all the testing, health history, and bloodwork we gather to give you a clear view of what is affecting your brain health and what you can really do to improve it!

Brain Therapy Devices

Our Brain Therapy Studio has many devices that improve blood flow, calm inflammation, boost energy, increase verbal processing, improve balance, and more. We help our clients take advantage of the latest technology in our Studio, or by recommending devices for use in their own home.

Coaching & Support

Our team includes Certified Diet Coaches, an SLP, an RN Cognitive Specialist, and Certified Memory Coaches who help clients learn to eat better, exercise regularly, develop stress management skills, improve sleep, support loved ones living with dementia, and other critical topics.

Healthy Foundations

Discover Healthy Foundations™, your pathway to understanding the foundational principles good brain health is built on. Even something as extensive as The Enhance Protocol® rests on the principles you will learn in Healthy Foundations. This program is thoughtfully crafted to equip you with knowledge and actionable strategies to enhance your brain health. Whether your goal is to regain mental clarity, elevate your energy levels, or sharpen your focus, Healthy Foundations offers you the essential building blocks for achieving optimal cognitive function. With our 15-day FREE trial, you can start to unlock your cognitive potential by exploring a wealth of resources, including informative videos, expert insights, and practical tools. Join us on this enlightening journey to better brain health and take the first step towards realizing your full cognitive potential. Begin your trial today and explore the foundation for a brighter cognitive future.

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We help people of all ages and stages of life

Age 9:

“Sally” is a 9-year-old girl who came to AMFAS when her parents became concerned with personality and mood changes following a bicycle accident. She was struggling to concentrate, had begun lashing out at her family, and her grades were dropping. Her parents report that Sally is much improved in her moods, ability to concentrate, capacity to cope with change, and is performing well in school again.

Age 21:
Mental Health

“Teresa” is a 21-year-old woman referred to AMFAS due to severe depression and suicidality. A careful evaluation linked head injuries from sports to changes in hormonal signaling and identified some genetic challenges associated with trouble using B vitamins. Treatment for these factors has helped her enjoy college life with improved moods, and she is no longer taking psychotropic medications.

Age 63:

“Bob” is a 63-year-old man who came to AMFAS after he was “let go” from his job because of cognitive deficits. His doctors diagnosed him with early onset Alzheimer’s but told him there was nothing that could be done. Blood work revealed significant nutrient and hormonal deficiencies and insulin resistance. Bob has made major gains in his cognitive test scores, is no longer as anxious about the future, and is able to hold attention to tasks longer.

Age 57:

“Sarah” is a 57-year-old woman with a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s and Posterior Cortical Atrophy. She was unable to track conversations, had very poor balance, and had a significant word finding impairment. Her husband described that she would just sit in their house all day and do nothing. She is now able to converse easily across situations and partners, participate in activities around the home independently, and interacts with her grandchildren.

Age 100:
Cognitive Decline

“Mary” is a 100-year-old woman residing in an assisted living community. She had required a mechanical lift and two staff members to transfer to the toilet for ten years due to strength issues and cognitive decline. Partcipation in The Enhance Protocol produced physical and mental improvements. Mary can now walk 75 feet with a walker and standby assist from one staff member!

Wherever you live, we can help

Boise, Idaho is where we call home, but our protocol helps people all over the world!

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Brain health science is exploding right now, and we are passionate about connecting people with the latest research driven by the world’s leading neurologists and brain scientists! Call today to speak with a Certified Memory Coach about your brain health and what The Enhance Protocol can do for your body and mind!

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